How did we get here?

Got hooked into music at 9 yrs old when I use to hear music that I never heard before, when walking home from elementary school. The house was located on School Street in Watertown and the days I heard the music, I would sit on the sidewalk and listen. A year later, a friend Jody, brings a new bands album into class by the name Boston. I was hooked ever since and never heard the music coming from the house anymore after that. Wonder why it stopped.

I started taking electronic stuff apart during the blizzard of 78 at age of 12. Was always curious to see what made things tick.

Fast forward to 1980, we started a band called ROX and use to practice after school in the Watertown High schools auditorium. I found myself looking for that Boston sound that I was fond of. In 1982 I dumped my Ibanez TS and Flanger for a Rockman. It was all down hill from there..

One day my Rockman died and needed warranty repair. Called up SR&D and they told me to bring it in. When I walked into their office, I felt like I died and went to heaven. I was surrounded by Platnum records on the wall. When it was finally repaired, I had to pick it up at SR&D in Woburn where all the manufacturing was done.

After high school I went to Sylvania Tech for electronics in Waltham and started to dabble more into electronics in music gear and radio communications. When SR&D closed its doors in 94, I started helping people out with their Rockman gear. It has always been through word of mouth. Recently a great friend Tommy Stanizzi told me, "Why don't you start a web page for the stuff you do?" So I created Rockman Service and Repairs of Massachusetts. The Original Home and Birthplace of SR&D and the Rockman.

Mid 90s come around and I find myself having a passion to play pool and working at the Corner Pocket in Waltham. One night working the counter a gentleman walks in and asks for a table as he hands me his license. I look up and was stunned. I told the gentleman, "Oh no Mr. Scholz, I don't need your license, I know who you are". After some chatting with Tom, I got his autograph. A night I'll never forget.

I love the band Boston and that guitar sound. I am truly blessed to have grown up so close to where it all started.


"I recently sent in a few prized possessions to Rockman Refurbs.com. I figured that if Mike’s work was good enough to build a NOS Superhead for Mr. Scholz, then I could take a shot. I was very pleasantly rewarded. I sent in a full (all original) Rockman S12-CE500, and a very rare SuperHead. The modules and power amp needed a refurb, and the SuperHead needed some functional work. Mike did a fantastic job. Everything came back like new. The turnaround was exceptional, and I felt that Mike took great care of the Rockman equipment. His communication was excellent, and I always felt that I knew exactly what was going. At the end, the cost was exceptionally reasonable, and the shipment back was professionally packaged, secure and received without any issues. I will be sending more units to Rockman Refurbs. I can’t say enough good things about my experience. Many thanks Mike!!" Anonymous VIP Customer, USA.

Watertown, MA

I've been taking my gear to Mike at RockmanRefurbs.com for many years. He's down to earth and always willing to go the extra mile. I wouldn't trust anyone else. Thank you very much for your exceptional work and for my new Custom Footswitch. Tom S.

Seattle, WA

Today I turned on and tested the Bass Rockman fixed and refurbished by Mike Giovannucci from www.rockmanrefurbs.com. To test the device, I connected my Hofner Club bass and my AKG 240 Headphones to the Bass Rockman. I want to share that my bass sounded glorious through my Scholz Bass Rockman ! I heard the best bass sound I have ever gotten. The Bass Rockman sounded clear, punchy, with a nice touch of chorus, and simply outstanding. As I dialed different sounds and moved the switches, I did not get any scratching noise. All the settings worked like they should. The Bass Rockman sounded new again. I bought this Bass Rockman about 2 decades ago. It stopped working about 10 years ago. It would turn on, but produce no sound. I kept in in a drawer in my home studio for a long time. A couple of weeks ago, I sent the Bass Rockman to Mike for repair. Mike repaired and refurbished it and now it sounds like new. I got a detailed list of the work completed and the testing that he did. I can tell he was super thorough. I want to point out the care and craftmanship that Mike showed. The Rockman was carefully packaged. I even got a report with photographs of all the work that he did. I can see all the world-class care and pride that Mike put into fixing my Bass Rockman. This is oustanding work. I give Mike 5 out of 5 stars for his work. I highly recommend him and his RockmanRefurbs.com company to take care of any Rockman issues. He gets my highest recommendation. Jose P.

Northford, CT

Just got my X100 back from Mike Giovannucci who refurbished my Rockman x100 and power supply. I can't thank him enough for guiding me through potential issues, possible costs, quick turn around and great work. I had been debating on buying one of those new Dunlops, but for much less I have the original in tip top shape. Worth every penny to have my old friend back. I would aslo like to thank the members of this group for their suggestions and advice. Thank you Mike!. Paul S.

Ashburnham, MA

My experience with Mike was excellent, My Rockman sat for years not working and I decided to see if repair was an option. An internet search amazingly found Mike local to me. Wicked nice guy. Despite multiple issues with my unit, he got it working, and it is as amazing as I remembered it. Mike knew the course of repair from the onset. He explained known issues, his process, and showed me around his shop. It was confidence inspiring to say the least. This guy knows his trade and the product. Definite expert on all thing SRD. Quick turnaround with certificate of repair and description of work was included, which was a really nice bonus. Mike loves what he does and the cost for repair and quality of work reflects that. Cost for repair was far less than expected and the experience working with Mike was worth far more. Thank You Mike. Jack S. Ashburnham MA.

Grapeland, TX

If there is anyone needing any of their Rockman ge...serviced...I would only use Mike Giovannucci..!!! My sustainor and Rockman EQ were all but "dead and buried". I had seriously considered tossing them in the trash. I had a local guy look at them...that told me he had worked on "both a analog...as well as digital gear". I let him have my gear for several days ...and he didn't even touch them. I joined a Rockman group a while back....messaged a few guys and a few of them said Mike had worked on their gear...and were satisfied. I couldn't be more satisfied if I tried. Not only does he know Rockman gear inside and out....but his communication is A+++++. He let me know exactly what he found...took pics and was VERY CLEAR in describing what needed to be done....how much it would cost...how long it would take....and encouraged me to email him with any questions or concerns. My gear was treated as if it were his own. If (or whenever) I need any of my modules serviced ....I KNOW ...where my gear is going..!!! Thank Mike...you "ROCK-MAN "...!!!!!!!!😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 Kevin M.

San Diego, CA

Your work is impeccable, clean, tidy perfection at it's best with the Rockman Shipping was right on time. OH MY GOD! It sounds amazing. My dad would have loved to play it again. I can get Carlos Santana on Clean and then get super dirty and funky Hendrix tones on Dist. The Clean sound is sweet and has that glassy chime that I love from a Strat. I still cannot believe how many actual tones you can get with just Chorus Stereo and Mono which I think I dig the most. I can't wait to expirament with this Awesome device that you brought back to life. Treasure for sure and I am so lucky to have this. Thank you from from the ❤️ Valentino, San Diego, CA.

Walpole, MA

"It became a very 80’s monday. This little thing is like my teens in a box thanx to Mike Giovannucci. If you are on the east coast and need a fix, he’s the man!" Eric L, Walpole MA.

Dothan, AL

"Sent my Rockman Stereo Echo in to Mike Giovannucci to replace the broken sliders, and fix the hard to move switches… Mike did an awesome job... After replacing the broken sliders and a full cap replacement, this thing is like brand new… All the switches and sliders are so smooth now,and it sounds great…Mike does great work…The paperwork and documentation is a nice touch…Very Nice work!!….One down,two to go…I will be sending Mike my Sustainor and Chorus next….I couldn’t be more pleased with the work…" Scott P. Dotham, AL.

Winston-Salem, NC.

"Soooooo... I got this package in the mail today... that contained two Rockman X100s that I sent to Mike Giovannucci to be completely refurbed... Wow!!!! This guy pays close attention to detail... and leaves nothing behind... they both look and sound like they just came from the factory with Tom's seal of approval!!! All switches move like butter... Mike goes miles beyond what is a normal refurb and the pictures I posted look great, but don't do it Justice to how they actually look and feel in real life... the little touches that assure you that your Rockman gear is very special and treated with TLC... and he provides a reborn certificate, a certified reborn label ( both includes the reborn date ) and a some personal eye candy... kudos Mike... please share and I highly recommend his service which is performed in a timely manner..." Robby B. Winston-Salem, NC.

Oak Park, CA.

"Got the rack trays from Mike Giovannucci and put everything together. My modules finally found the right place to live, no staying on the floor. I LOVE the trays! The trays came with quality screws as well. " John K. Oak Park, CA.

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