Commonly asked questions.

Should I have my caps replaced? - Recapping is primarily done to give our beloved working Rockman devices a longer life because, aged caps are failure prone. Sometimes you'll get sound improvements as well, as a side effect, especially when original caps were already out of specs.

Why do my slide controls sound scratchy or hard to slide? - Slider controls are quiet from the factory, but will get noisier as they get older. This is in part due to Rockman's have slider controls that have very little protection from air and dust. Dust or fragments of resistive material get onto the resistive strip. Volume control noise comes as a scratch when the controls are slid. This scratch is rarely serious, and most often just an annoyance. However, as the problem gets worse, the sound of your system will degrade. Also, as the problem gets worse, the scratching noise will get louder.

Do you have a article page like David Accomando of Perfect Sound Rock Refurbs? - We do not... Why re-invent the wheel. David was kind enough and give us permission to repost his articles here. --> Read More