• Refurbs

    We'll clean up and condition your switches, sliders and jacks. Replace all electrolytic capacitors and repair any bad solder joints.

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  • Repairs

    Need some TLC? We can help! Let us bring back that feeling you once had, when you heard your Rockman in action for the very first time.

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  • Parts

    We got it! We stock a wide range of parts including, obsolete hard to find SR&D New Old Stock (NOS), parts obtained from SR&D like the Panasonic MN3011 BBD IC, switches, slide potentiometers, etc. and new high-quality parts like custom made battery springs, electrolytic capacitors and more.

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  • Mods

    XPR, XP100 and XP212 Modifications
    "A" Convertion
    RAM & Backup Battery Replace
    Firmware Upgrade

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  • Custom Builds

    Have an idea? Let's work together to come up with a solution. Custom builds are for personal use only.

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  • RMC - Roackmount Concept Headcase

    Looking to protect your gear? RMC has a solution for you. 5 RU $299, 6 RU $315, 7 RU $325 and 8 RU $350

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  • RMC - Roackmount Concept Mini Stack

    No room for a fullsize stack? RMC has a room friendly solution to give you that BIG sound you're looking in a smaller package.

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  • RMC - Roackmount Concept Fullsize Stack

    Where can I get a fullsize stack? RMC makes a fullsize stack, just like the hard to find Rockman stack at a fraction of the price.

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  • RMC - Custom Builds

    Where can I have a custom cabinet built? Master Carpenter Vince Riso at RMC will work with you to make your idea come to reality. Even Tom Scholz of Boston uses RMC cabinets for there stage gear.

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